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KNS Organic Farm

Organic Kodo Millet

Organic Kodo Millet

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Amidst the lush green fields of KNS Farm, farmer Devaraddi lovingly tends to the growth of Little Millet, embracing the essence of natural cultivation. With a strong commitment to sustainable practices, Devaraddi ensures that no harmful bio-fertilizers touch the sacred soil where this remarkable grain thrives. Little Millet, nurtured by nature's own processes, unfolds its tender shoots and sways gracefully in the gentle breeze, untouched by synthetic chemicals or artificial interventions. In this pristine and chemical-free environment, Little Millet flourishes, drawing essential nutrients and minerals from the fertile earth. The absence of bio-fertilizers allows the millet to grow in its purest form, preserving its intrinsic nutritional value and authentic taste. Each grain embodies the unadulterated essence of the earth, carrying with it the bounty of nature's blessings.


Deliveries: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. To avail next day delivery order before 2PM on previous day of our delivery.

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