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Conventional farming and it's impact 

India is one of the largest consumers of chemical fertilizers globally. In the fiscal year 2020-2021, the total consumption of fertilizers in India reached approximately 61 million tonnes and  63.94 million tonnes for 2021-2022 periods, with urea being the most widely used fertilizer. For pest control and 58,720 tons of pesticides was used in 2020-2021 period. Consumption of these chemicals is constantly increasing to get bigger yields, better shape and colors. It is estimated that 15% of global carbon emissions are occurred with industries related to agriculture.

Natural Farming

Organic and natural farming practices prioritize the use of natural inputs and techniques, aiming to minimize harm to the environment while promoting soil health, biodiversity, and long-term agricultural productivity. This approach eliminates the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, improved crop varieties and hybrids, reducing chemical pollution and minimizing the risk of ecological imbalances. Instead, it emphasizes on seasonal cropping, use of organic manures and compost, crop rotation and natural pest control methods, which help maintain soil fertility, conserve water and protect wildlife habitats.
While countries like Japan, South Korea have already started seeing positive results with Natural farming techniques, India is witnessing its emergence. Wide awareness on importance of natural farming is leading to ‘back to roots’ farming.

Organic Tap (Tapovanam Organic Farming Systems Private Limited) :

‘Organic Tap’ is the purest organic online store in Bangalore and Hyderabad! As an organic produce digital marketplace, we are committed to sustainability and the health of our planet, we offer a unique process of on boarding farmers who are tested for organic content. We connect these farmers directly with consumers through technology, enabling them to harvest fresh, unadulterated organic produce on demand. We facilitate delivery to your doorstep within 10 hours of harvesting without any storage or processing in between. We work with a range of farmers, from those with very small land holdings to large institutional farms, to move them from chemical-based farming to integrated natural farming. Our mission is to restore soil fertility, create a digital marketplace for natural and organic farming produce, and facilitate distribution from farm to your place. At Organic Tap, we are dedicated to restoring the basis of all life on the planet – soil. As the best organic store in Bangalore, we offer a wide range of fresh, natural, and healthy organic vegetables, fruits, groceries, and other organic products. We are here to touch a billion farmers by marketing their produce at the price determined by the farmer based on the combination of production cost and market operating price. With our robust supply chain model, we ensure that the produce moves quickly from farm to your doorstep. So, if you are looking for the best organic vegetables in Bangalore, look no further than Organic Tap. We are the organic shop near you that offers chemical-free organic produce directly from farmers. By ordering from us, you not only get the freshest produce possible, but you also support the farmers who are dedicated to sustainable and organic farming practices. Order from the best organic store in Bangalore – Organic Tap – and contribute towards a greener planet!

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