Farmers On-board Process


Get in touch. 

Once we get to know about an organic farmer through any of the local reference or farmer himself, we will contact him on phone to get the very basic details of the farm and farming activities.

Upon completing preliminary surveys and establishing our confidence in the farmer's adherence to all organic and natural farming practices, we will proceed to schedule a field visit for further verification.

Field inspection

Things we look into –

  1. Shift to organic/natural farming – must be practicing organic/natural farming from more than three years
  2. Tillage practices – minimum tillage using hand held power tiller
  3. Seed source – either should be on farm or untreated seeds from open market
  4. Nutrient management practices – making and use of Jeevamrutha, Ghanajeevamrutha, Beejamrutha, Gokrupamrutha, Panchagavya, Vermicompost, Farm yard manure, Sheep manure (penning), Green manure, Greenleaf manure, inclusion of leguminous crops in rotation, residue mulching and any other plant based and cow based concoctions
  5. Pest (insects and diseases) management practices – making and use of Agriastra, Neemastra, Brahmastra, Shuntiastra, Dashaparni, Sour buttermilk, Trap crops and wind barriers
  6. Weed management – manual weeding or cycle weeder and weeds as mulch
  7. Water management – farm where fruits and vegetables are cultivated must have an assured irrigation source to ensure regular supply of the produce
  8. Livestock management – no feed additives, open grazing and fodder as main feeding habit.
  9. Value added products – all the ingredients must be of organic origin, preferably cultivated on farm. No addition of artificial food colors, chemicals for clarification and preservatives

Onboarding –

Natural farmers – all the inputs must be generated on the farm and farmer should not depend on any external source. No use of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides.

Organic farmers – if farmer depends on externally sourced inputs (city compost, poultry manure and vermicompost). Use of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides for nutrient and pest management.

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