Why Organic Tap?

Hand-picked genuine organic farms: Be strongly believe in giving best products to our users. No dilution in finding right farmer, as the source is important.

We have farmer profiles! Costumer can choose from which farm his produce comes from. Our farmers don't just produce natural products, they are passionate on natural farming.

We do not store the produce! We deliver the fruits and vegetables from just 12 hours of harvest

Farm visits! One can plan for visit to any of the farm listed on our website. This ensures the genuinity of our organic produce too

Upcoming Live interaction with farmers! On our APP one can directly interact with farmers and enhance their knowledge of organic and natural farming

Prices are fixed by farmers. Farmers fix the price of their fruits and vegetables and get the best price for their efforts
We facilitate transportation too

Towards building green plant. Zero plastics and Eco-friendly packaging material and encouraging Sustainable agricultural practices. Working for restoration of soil, environment and human health

Vocal for local. Be a locovore and help our local warriors who are building a better planet for our kids

Why fruits and vegetables available on your platform are not visually appealing?

As they say "Never judge a book by its cover", "Never judge a fruit or vegetable by its visual appearance". If a fruit or vegetable is so appealing by its looks and carries the chemicals that might affect your health and bio-magnify with time, how good is consuming such produce? Our fruits and vegetables are grown naturally, with minimal tillage and source of nutrients that stabilize the soil health over the years and plant based concoctions for pest and disease management, hence the shape of fruits and vegetables may not be that perfect. But the nutrients they are packed with might be slightly higher and totally free from any sort of chemical residues unlike the conventional ones available in the market.

Why the prices of organic/natural fruits and vegetables high?

As an organic/natural farmer is working towards sustainability, he is reaping whatever the mother earth is offering him, in response to the inputs provided by him to stabilize the soil and ecosystem health. Unlike the conventional farming where soil is saturated with nutrients required to reap higher yields, while damaging the soil and environment structure. As the yield levels obtained by Organic or natural farmer are low, the produce cost is slightly higher than the conventional produce available in market. Can't we pay slightly more to the one who is striving hard to ensure our health besides rejuvenating the planets health for our future generation?

How can we trust that the produce is genuinely organic?

As many of you have questions about the appearance of our fruits and vegetables, that answers your question of genuinity of the produce. With the appearance, size of the produce and the better taste it offers, you can easily conclude that the produce is genuinely organic/natural. You can also plan to visit any of the farms anytime to ensure that all the practices being carried out on the farm are organic and no agro-chemicals are used at any stage of crop life by any of our farmers that we have on-boarded by visiting their farms and scrutinizing all their activities

Why the number of products available on the platform are limited?

The number of products available on our platform are limited because we have on-boarded the farmers who are genuinely practicing natural/organic farming around Bengaluru for perishables. Many of the exotic fruits and vegetables do not perform well under natural/organic farming systems. However, we are in to the process of onboarding organic/natural Farmers on a regular basis for expansion of perishables, staples and processed products.

Which are the areas of Bengaluru and Hyderabad you deliver to?

We deliver to all the areas of Bengaluru Urban
We deliver to all the areas of West Hyderabad

How far are the processed products available on your platform are organic?

All the processed products available on our platform are made from raw materials which are purely organic/natural. The processing is also different from the conventional types and the products do not contain any artificial colours and chemical preservatives.

As micro-greens are of very short duration, why should I opt for the micro-greens available on your platform, rather than the others available in market at a much lower price?

The micro-greens available in the market are grown either on nutrient solution media (Hydroponics) or the media which is saturated with chemical fertilizers, disinfectants and chlorinated water, under artificial lights. We do not rely on any of such methods. Our farmers grow micro-greens on mixture of coco-peat and nutrient rich organic soil medium enriched with our age old organic formulations such as Jeevamrutha and Panchagavya derived from our native cows. This medium ensures proper aeration, perfect moisture balance and essential nutrients availability to the sprouts for their healthy growth.

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