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Savera Naturals, which is about 18 acres is a unique natural farming initiative by Merwin and Regina Fernandes, who are farmers by choice. It’s located deep in the Western Ghats at Sakleshpura. Since 2012 the couple have adopted a multi-tier, multi-crop, heterogeneous farming model with regenerative natural farming practices, with an aim to create a natural forest like ecosystem in farm and goal of building self-sustaining soil fertility and soil health. Providing pure, natural, tasty and wholesome organic vegetables, organic fruits, organic coffee, organic spices, chemical-free essential oils and organic pickles as healthy diet options at affordable cost to the society is their vision.

Sustainability is the key of all the activities on this certified organic farm. Coffee, pepper and cardamom are grown alongside a wide range of fruits, spices, medicinal and aromatics, native jungle trees as the upper tier, root crops, shrubs, vegetables and vines in the lower stratum and the livestock, birds and beneficial insects which co-exist along with these, constituting a complete functional ecosystem. By generating electricity on the farm through wind and solar energy, cooking gas from cowdung, no use of plastics on farm, use of coconut shells as nursery bags, rain water harvesting, ground water recharge, cultivating crops and trees that are native, mulching to conserve soil moisture, cow based concoctions for reviving soil and many other such activities this organic farm is setting an example for an ideal natural farm with zero external inputs.