• Sarjapura Curries

    Field stay is the spotlight in this farm.

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Farm Description

Sarjapura Curries is the dream project of Suresh Kumar which represents all the organic farmers of village B. Hosahalli in Sarjapura. It is the very representation of what a village stands for, full of green patches and community that comes together to share harvest and exchange seed and saplings. It is a learning ground for youngsters to develop skills, art and social bonding. As a community they are striving hard with a good will to restore the soil fertility, make farmers and environment self-reliant.

A range of organic leafy vegetables, organic vegetables, organic cereals, organic pulses and organic sugarcane are cultivated. JeevamruthaKitchen compostSheep manure and Mulching are the sources of plant nutrients and soil rejuvenators. Neem oil takes care of the pests and diseases that might occur in the cropping season. Organic jaggery and desi eggs are special products of this organic farm.