• Vishal Organic Farm

    An organic farmer for the past 4 years growing vast varieties of vegetables.

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Farm Description

Vishal Organic Farm is located at Attur in Chintamani, which is about 70 km from Bengaluru. This farm is owned and maintained by Somesh, an organic farmer growing all kinds of organic vegetables, organic green leafy vegetables and organic papaya on an area of 2 acres since 2019. Cow dung of the desi cows reared on the farm is used as manure. Jeevamrutha acts as a source of beneficial soil microflora inoculum and makes the soil more productive. Neem oil along with Agniastra are used to control the incidence of insect pests and diseases. The weeds are removed manually and spread on the soil, which acts as mulch and thereby increasing the irrigation interval.

Keeping away the hazardous mineral fertilizers and pesticides, this organic farm is ensuring the supply of healthy organic vegetables to the local market regularly.

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