• Sharath Organic Farm

    Vegetables & Leafy greens farmer from the past 20 years.

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Farm Description

Sharath Organic Farmis located at Doddaballapura, which is about 43 km from Bengaluru. This farm is owned and maintained by Narasimha Raju, an organic farmer growing all kinds of organic vegetables on an area of 4 acres since 2017. Cow based Beejamrutha, Jeevamrutha and Panchagavya are used as bio-stimulants, a source of beneficial soil microflora inoculum to revive soil fertility and productivity. Neem based concoctions and dashaparni are used to control the incidence of insect pests and diseases. The weeds are removed manually and spread on the soil, which acts as mulch and thereby adding on to the soil organic matter, water holding capacity and thereby increasing the irrigation interval.