• Satva Certified Organic Farm

    Microgreens, Salads, Kombuchas, Dairy products, Dips & beverages etc.

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Farm Description

Satva, as the name says it is a biodiversity rich certified organic farm with living soil, located at Devanahalli, Bengaluru. With a legacy of organically managed over 60 years, it is now owned and managed by Ravi, a fourth generation family member. The family has successfully worked and is actively working towards rejuvenating and protecting soil and lakes. Passionate about offering wholesome healthy food options to this new generation as per the modern requirements, with an equal concern for protecting mother earth. Micro-greens, baby-greens, array of vegetables, A2 milk based paneer and cheese, different flavored of soy milk, cold pressed juice and detoxifying teas are made with the sustainable fusion of age-old organic farming wisdom and new-age technology.