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G. G. Farm owned and managed by Guruprasad, Lawyer by profession and natural farmer by passion. It is situated at Baglur, 30 km from Bengaluru central. This vast mango orchard is spread over 40 acres, with more than 17 varieties of mango trees viz., Mallika, Badami, Sindoora, Dilpasand, Malgova, Banganpalle, Sakkarekutti, Raspuri, Dasheri, Neelam, Thothapuri, Kalapad, Rumani that are 30 years old. In rainy season all the minor millets are cultivated in between the tree rows. This orchard nurtures wide range of pollinators, different species of birds, reared goats, hens and desi cattle, whose dung and urine fulfill the nutrient needs of mango trees, fodder crops and millets. The soil of the orchard remains completely undisturbed and the fallen leaves are spread at the base of tree which add to the soil organic matter. The weeds are grazed by the livestock in the farm and with the clean management pests are kept at bay. This orchard serves delicious mangoes in fruiting season.
Mr. Guruprasad, as a natural farmer is model to others in the sector. He has set up mango pulping machinery, where the pulp of mango is extracted and packed with shelf life of more than a year with no added chemical preservatives. By doing so the tree ripened mangoes which might go waste in the transportation cycle are taken care of. Besides he also makes millet based cookies with naturally grown minor millets, organic jaggery and organic butter or ghee.