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    Agroecology and Zero Budget Natural Farming

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Farm Description

Amritha Bhoomi is an organic farm cultivated by a group of organic farmers from Hondarabalu village, Chamarajanagar. An area of 80 acres is organically managed from past 30 years. Different types of fruits, vegetables, greens, medicinal and aromatic plants are grown organically. Crop mulches and inclusion of leguminous crops in rotation fix the nitrogen in soil. Besides Jeevamrutha and Panchagavya are used as biostimulants to revive the soil nutrient status and promote the soil physical, chemical and biological health. Corn is grown as a border crop, which hosts insect predatory birds. Marigold and mustard are grown as trap crops for nematodes. AgniastraNeemastra and Brahmastra are used to manage other pests and diseases. Through these natural farming principles Amritha Bhoomi is stabilising as a functional ecosystem which is sustainable.

Total of 54 desi cows, poultry and sheep constitute the livestock of the farm. Besides there are many bee boxes maintained where fresh natural raw honey is harvested which is from organic sources. Amrutha Bhoomi has its own processed products of wide range which are made from organically sourced raw materials and chemical free processing.