Best fruits to take in Summer

Summer is here. The mercury is in competition with self, every day. So does our loss of appetite and fatigue, owing to excess heat. But our cravings for ice-cream and carbonated drinks never ends in summer, which neither has nutrients nor cooling effect. So what are the best foods to beat summer heat and also nourish our body?

Nature offers its best fruits in summer months. All the native fruits available in these months are natural coolants, when included in our regular diet. First of all drink lots and lots of water and stay hydrated throughout the day. Here is the list of our native fruits to be consumed by every household in summer.

  1. Watermelon – the summer food list can never start without this amazing waterlicious summer fruit. With over 92% of water it hydrates the body and replaces the lost vitamins and minerals due to sweating. It is loaded with vitamin A, B6, C and phytochemicals. The bright red colour is LYCOPENE, which protects our skin from sun damage.

  2. Muskmelon – this fruit is known as MADHUPHALA in Ayurveda. Medicinal properties and nutrient richness makes it a fine summer season fruit. Its higher water and fibre content offers cooling and diuretic properties that help to keep the body hydrated in a hot summer day, as well as eliminate toxins from the body. It is rich in anti-oxidants that purify the skin and skin-friendly collagen, which enhances skin health. It possess anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and immunity-boosting properties.

  3. Mango – no doubt why it is called king of fruits and it is one of the reasons why some of the foodies await summer. This delicious fruit has water up to 82%, very good source of fibre and aids in digestion. It is rich in vitamins A, C and minerals like potassium. It is loaded with anti-oxidants and boots immunity. It contains zeaxanthin, that protects our vision. It is believed to lower body cholesterol levels.

  4. Orange – enriched with minerals and water content of 85%, orange keeps body hydrated and protects form the scorching summer heat. Very good source of vitamin C. It also has numerous health benefits like improving heart function, reducing LDL cholesterol and enhancing skin health.

  5. Ice apple – resembling ice it seems like nature’s gift for summer is a low calorie fruit packed with essential nutrients like carbohydrates, phytonutrients and calcium. It also contains protein, vitamin C and K, minerals like potassium, zinc, iron and phosphorous, which can prevent body dehydration to an extent. A good amount of fibre serves as an excellent choice for people with stomach aches and digestive problems.

  6. Banana – it is known as MIRACLE FRUIT and is a complete meal by itself. It is rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamins. It lowers the pH of body, by producing mucus in the lining of the stomach. Being high in fibre and a great source of roughage eases bowel movement. It has high levels of tryptophan that enhance the mood and boots memory. The vitamin B6 and magnesium in banana relaxes muscles and promotes good sleep. It also causes tissues to shrink, allowing for absorption of more water, which cools our core. Hence making it a great cooling snack.

  7. Wood Apple (Bael)-- This aromatic fruit, being regarded as holy to SHIVA is an ultimate medicinal summer fruit. The hard fruit which ripens in the summer is a fountain of nutrients. From protein, beta- carotene, vitamins, thiamine to vitamin C, the pulp of Bel fruits contain many properties that help us fight the unwanted bacteria in the body. It is cooling in nature and one of the best foods for acidity. The tannin in bael helps cure diseases like diarrhoea and cholera. It is very good to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is the powerful blood purifying and natural detoxifying agent.

  8. Jackfruit – it is the SUMMER SUPERFOOD. It a healthy fruit with necessary carbs, fibre, vitamins, proteins, and minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, iron and copper. It has low glycemic index. The potassium and vitamin B6 in it promotes heart health. It is rich in vitamin C and is powerhouse of anti-oxidants, which held in building strong immunity. The magnesium helps absorb calcium better, which helps bone health and the Iron helps prevent anaemia, whereas the copper helps in metabolism. It acts as a natural laxative and prevents colon damage.

  9. Jamun  it is a NUTRITIOUS SUMMER FRUIT with wide range of health benefits. It is low calorie fruit packed with antioxidants, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, proteins, carbohydrates, flavonoids and fibre. It helps to fight against anaemia, heart diseases, digestive problems, respiratory disorders, skin diseases and diabetes.

  10. Grapes – the grape pulp either purple or green is enriched with nutrients, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They are very good source of vitamin C, which helps to produce collagen, giving skin a healthy look. Being rich in potassium and magnesium they keep body hydrated. The powerful antioxidants protect against chronic health conditions.   

  11. Tender coconut – Natural drink offered by KALPAVRUKSHA. A complete package of vitamins, minerals, calcium, potassium and magnesium in their natural form which beats the summer heat and restores the essential electrolytes, which are often wiped out under sweltering sun. It reduces blood pressure and is an amazing anti-ageing food. Tender coconut water is rich in fibre, which helps in digestion and prevents constipation. It also contains antioxidants that help fight free radicals and thus reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.

Tips for including fruits in regular diet :

  • Most of the fruits have low glycemic index. The fructose, fruit sugar is less dense than the processed sugars. So everyone can enjoy the seasonal fruits. The diabetic people should just have control on the portion size rather than quitting on fruits.

  • Eat whole fruits, anytime. If you choose to make drink out of it, mind the amount of sugar added. Try replacing sugar with jaggery

  • Chill out with summer fruits but don’t chill them – do not refrigerate the fruits, try consuming them as fresh as possible

  • Go Organic – as the conventional fruits carry pesticide residue in them, it binds the essential nutrients and also leads to entry of pesticide to food chain and further its bio-magnification. Hence to get all the benefits which fruits offer and prevent build-up of chronic diseases switch to organic and natural fruits.


Dr. Anusha L.
Ph.D. in Agriculture (Agronomy)
Agriculture Scientific Advisor
Tapovanam Organic Farming Systems
Linkedin: Dr. Anusha L

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